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Our mission is to bring new innovative surgical devices to general surgery. Our primary product, PexyEazy® is a novel surgical device designed for hemorrhoid treatment. PexyEazy® stands out for its ability to facilitate surgeries without the need for general anesthesia, complete procedures in under 10 minutes, anticipated significantly reduced postoperative pain, and cut costs by up to 70%.

Developeration AB, is a Swedish Med-Tech company, founded in 2016 by the Swedish surgeon Johan Ungerstedt. The company is rooted in Ungerstedt’s real-world surgical experiences and desire to enhance patient care. We believe PexyEazy® exemplifies the essence of innovative surgery, making a profound impact on patients’ lives.

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EIC Seal of Excellence

Developeration AB was awarded “Seal of Excellence” by the European Commission as part of the application for Horizon EIC 2022 Accelerator grant. Our application was

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