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Clinical need

In Sweden, with a population of 10M, over 20,000 procedures for treatment of hemorrhoids are performed every year. There are several treatment methods available on the market, but they are associated with complications, poor results, or are costly.

Market competition​

Hemorrhoidectomy is effective but associated with pain, long recovery, and severe complications. Rubber band ligation and injection sclerotherapy are a quick and simple office procedure methods, but they require repeated procedures due to high frequency of relapse. The THD/HAL-RAR procedure is popular among patients due to good long-term results and less painful, but the procedures are costly, and several studies have shown that mucopexy gives an equally good or even better result than THD/HAL-RAR. Thus, there is an unmet need of a method that is quick and easy to do, minimal invasive, has a good long-term result, reduces the cost, and is tolerable with rapid recovery. PexyEazy® has the potential to fulfill all these unmet needs.

Market Potential​

The global market for hemorrhoid treatment devices was valued at €660M in 2021 and is expected to reach €1B in 2030. PexyEazy® is estimated to address 25%-35% of the market and reach 1M operations/year.

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Questions And Answers

PexyEazy® sets a new standard for hemorrhoid treatment, offering a minimally invasive option that delivers long-term effectiveness comparable to more invasive procedures. From clinical studies on manual mucopexy is the method shown to match the low relapse rates of traditional surgeries, but promises a less painful experience with quick recovery. PexyEazy®’s efficient 10-minute treatment not only eases the patient’s journey but also streamlines clinic flow, reducing waiting times and free up space at the operation theatre. This innovative approach leads to minimized sick leave, decreased dependence on strong painkillers, and ultimately, higher patient satisfaction.

PexyEazy® streamlines advanced hemorrhoidal surgery, reducing procedure time to under 10 minutes as an office-based intervention. This efficiency allows clinics to perform four time more procedures daily and liberate operating theatre space for urgent surgeries, such as cancer or emergency operations. In Sweden, where hospitals typically offer limited treatment options, PexyEazy® may fill the gap between simple band ligation and complex hemorrhoidectomy. The device’s user-friendly design ensures a rapid learning curve, presenting an ideal training opportunity for surgical residents.

PexyEazy® transforms hemorrhoid surgery into a quick, in-office procedure, dramatically cutting costs by up to 70% compared to traditional methods. This cost-effectiveness mirrors that of rubber band ligation, which often requires multiple sessions for lasting results, as indicated by the HubBle Study. For patients, PexyEazy® have the potential to not only shortens waiting times but also accelerates recovery and substantially reduce the duration of sick leave. Environmentally, PexyEazy® is a single-use device with a low CO2 footprint of just 4kg—far less than the 189kg typically emitted during conventional surgeries with general anesthesia. Adopting PexyEazy® could potentially reduce CO2 emissions by 185kg per operation, marking a significant step towards greener medical practices.

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