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Johan Ungerstedt
CEO and Founder of Developeration

Johan Ungertedt

Founding Partners and Extended Team

Meet the Core team

Johan Ungerstedt

CEO, Founder & Member of the Board

MD.PhD. Consultant Surgeon

Johan is the innovator of PexyEazy®. The idea came to him during a colorectal surgery course during his residency in surgery in 2011. A new article from P.J Gupta, that showed that mucopexy has equally good effect as THD, inspired him to start thinking if there could be improvements to be made to make mucopexy easier to perform. Johan has also designed a new tweezers that makes it easier to grasp the suture needle when closing the abdominal incision hole after laparoscopic surgery. This innovative tweezer is produced by Stille AB.

Johan is a consultant surgeon, with a PhD degree in Transplantation Surgery, but has dedicated his surgical career to acute and trauma surgery. Since 2020, Johan is working as CEO of Developeration AB, but has also one day of surgical reception per week at the private hospital Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, Sweden, to keep up the surgical knowledge, focused on the proctology field.

Urban Ungerstedt

QA&RA Manager, PRRC & Member of the Board

Professor emeritus in Pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute

Founder and former CEO of CMA Microdialysis AB, a Med Tech company that developed and manufactured microdialysis catheters and equipment for in-vivo monitoring of tissue metabolism. Urban has a background as a professor in Pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute, has over 400 scientific publications and was a member of the Nobel Prize assembly. Urban is the inventor of the Microdialysis technique and the founder of Microdialysis AB, that had around 70 employees when the company finally was divided into three companies and sold. Urbans long experience in science, conducting clinical investigation and building a Med Tech company from scratch has been invaluable for Developeration AB. Urban is responsible for the company’s quality system.

Mikael Soudah

CFO, CIO, Co-Founder & Member of the Board

Mikael has a Bachelor in international economics, fluent in Swedish, English, French and Spanish. Mikael is a management consultant and is an expert in helping customers to grow, develop, simplify, and digitalize their work. He has experience from IT-management, Account management, development, sales, and support. He has been Quality Manager at CMA Microdialysis, and has held management positions at Pharmasoft, SAS, Michelin and Acando Consulting / CGI. Mikael is the Co-Founder of Developeration AB and was part of the early stage of development of the company and he will take an active role in Developeration AB as we approach market introduction.

Beyond the Core Team

Additional Board Members

Ingrid Salén

Chairman of the board

Ingrid has a background in mechanical engineering and several positions at Scania CV AB (Project leader, Purchasing Manager and Director) and Sourcing and Supplier Management Director at Maquet Critical Care AB. Ingrid is also the chairman of board of NeoDynamics AB (biopsy of breast cancer), Garpco (Industry holding company), Vividye (removable textile printing), and EMPE Diagnostics AB (tuberculosis diagnostics) as well as the CEO of Rentability AB (Investment company).

Claes von Post

Board member

Representing our investor STOAF AB (Stockholm business angles). Claes is a former professor in pharmacy at the Karolinska Institute, Uppsala, Lund, and Linköping University and has had several positions as the CEO in several startup companies in the pharma and biotech field (Aprea AB, Gastrotech pharmaceutical A/S, Melacure Therapeutics AB) and the former CEO of Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB. Claes has had several positions as venture partners in both Sweden and Denmark and is presently partner at the Stockholm Business Angles (STOAF).

Gustav Notander

Board member

Representing our investor ALMI AB. Gustav has a Master of Science in Engineering in Biotechnology has a background as Technology Commercialisation Director at Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia in Spain, Business Creation Coordinator at EIT Health and Business Development Coach, Technology Transfer Manager, and IP Manager at KTH Innovation. Gustav is presently Investment Manager with a focus on Life science at ALMI Invest.

The Entire Board

Developeration Board

Mikael Soudah, Claes von Post, Johan Ungerstedt, Ingrid Salén, Urban Ungerstedt and Gustav Notander.

Advisory Board

Per-Olof Nyström

Professor emeritus in Colorectal Surgery at Karolinska Institutet. Per-Olof has contributed in the field of hemorrhoidal surgery research with several peer reviewed scientific articles.

Ulf Kressner

Senior Consultant Colorectal Surgeon. Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet and Academy of Sahlgrenska Hospital. Ulf has held the position of director of Surgery clinic at various County and University hospitals in Sweden and with his 37 years of experience of practicing medicine and leadership, Ulf has an extraordinary deep understanding on leadership in the Health Care Industry.

Ulf Boberg

Senior business Coach. Ulf contributes with his vast experience in the Med Tech and BioTech field from his former position as CEO at Globa Genomics, Affibody, Creative Antibiotics and Miris.

Our Critical Suppliers

Cenova AB

Cenova is a Swedish full-service contract manufacturer with 50 years of experience of innovative and complex clean plastic devices with focus on injection molding, thermo forming, assembly, and packaging in clean room environment. As a key player in the production of PexyEazy, Cenova not only produces and assembles the plastic components of PexyEazy®, but also contributes to the development of some of its technically advanced parts and have facilitated the transition to serial production.

Eskilstuna Elektronikpartner AB (EEPAB)

EEPAB, a Swedish electronics firm, specializes in developing sophisticated hardware and software solutions. Among its notable productions are critical components such as engine control circuit boards, transmission control panels, and stability systems for the esteemed Koenigsegg supercar. In collaboration with Sigma Technology AB, EEPAB has engineered the battery pack for PexyEazy. This innovative pack allows the reuse of a standard AAA battery as a light source for over 40 PexyEazy procedures.

Injecta GmbH

Injecta, situated in Klingentahl, Germany, has over 75 years of expertise in crafting stainless-steel needles and tubes for the medical industry. The company is not only a leader in standard products but also excels in creating custom solutions. In collaboration with Developeration, Injecta has engineered the unique needle and suture docking system for PexyEazy®.

Assut Europe

With over 30 years of experience, Assut Europe are expertise in development and production of specialized sutures for a range of surgical disciplines, including general, vascular, cardio, thoracic, and orthopedic surgery. Assut Europe manufacture, assemble and sterilize the highly specialized sutures cassette of PexyEazy at their facilities in Magilano dei Marsi, east of Rome, Italy.

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